The Guildford Borough Council have released some further information regarding the preparation of a new Guildford Borough Local Plan. This Local Plan includes a new 2500 home village at Wisley Airfield just a couple of miles away from Cobham.

The Guildford Planning department have published the latest volume of the Green Belt and Countryside Study (Volume V) via their website. This study assesses some of the options included in their recent Issues and Options consultation document and identifies further potential development areas across the borough. They are also publishing additional work that was undertaken by the consultants as a result of the Joint Scrutiny Committee. This comprises an addendum to Volume II (sites around the urban areas) and a re-issued Volume IV (insetting of villages).

All these documents together with a briefing note are available to view at Alternatively, you are able to view a printed copy at the planning reception in the Council offices and Guildford library, or request a DVD by contacting the planning policy team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

They have also uploaded the representations made in response to the Local Plan Issues and Options document put out for consultation in October/November 2013. These can be viewed via the website at Alternatively, you are able to view a printed copy at the planning reception in the Council offices or request a CD by contacting the planning policy team.

They go on to say that residents will have a further opportunity to let them know their views when they publish the draft Local Plan for consultation over the summer of 2014.

Guildford Borough Council have released a draft Strategic Housing Market Assessment conducted by their consultants GL Hearn. This assessment is to be used to understand the housing need within the Guildford Borough but also takes into consideration the housing demands of neighbouring boroughs.

This assessment will be used to further develop the Guildford Local Plan which includes the housing developments at Wisley Airfield and the Horsleys, amongst others.

There is a short (2 weeks) opportunity for the public to comment on the draft and all comments must be received by Guildford Borough Council by 5pm on Mon 10 February 2014. Update on 5 Feb 2014: Deadline has been extended to 5pm Friday 21st February 2014.

To download a copy of the draft and to find out how you comment, please visit the Guildford BC website at

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