One of the reasons why people move to Surrey, and Cobham in particular, is because they appreciate the countryside and the benefits that it brings to our health and wellbeing. We are fortunate that although we live in a semi rural area we still have easy access to London and the other fast communication routes to the South Coast, the West and the Midlands.

But being so close to London, also means we could become part of London as it seeks to expand.

Many of us believe the Green Belt will protect us from this urban sprawl. Unfortunately we are beginning to realise that this may not be the case and that developers and Councils are keen to take advantage of the softening of the planning rules instigated by recent governments.

Some Councils are trying to remove the Green Belt status currently enjoyed by villages and hamlets in Surrey. If this should happen, they will be prime candidates for development and after not too long the villages will join up and become towns and the countryside will be lost.

It's for these reasons that this website has been created. We need to inform local people of what could happen and ensure those who oppose the erosion of the Green Belt have an opportunity to come together and tell our elected Councillors and Members of Parliament that the Green Belt must be protected.

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Please explore this website further and read more about what the Green Belt is, where it is and where developments may threaten its existence.

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