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There has been some news regarding the Chippings Farm Development.

Although we have had no official notification, we have received the strongest of indications that the Chippings farm development of 500 houses and a free school is now unlikely to proceed to planning application and we therefore now await any revised proposals for the free school.

In the meantime we remain ready to support the fight against the Wisley Airfield proposed development of in excess of 2,000 houses and to protect Cobham's green belt.

Thank you for all your interest and support; this remains key to us and to any successes we might achieve.

There have been a few developments that have affected our intention to carry out the traffic survey near Chippings Farm.

The ACS International school has recently submitted a planning application regarding traffic management which means that they carried out a comprehensive traffic survey late last year. It is extensive and focused on our area of concern - Fairmile Lane and Portsmouth Road.

As a result the Cobham Green Belt (CGB) Committee discussed the whole subject of the traffic survey and have decided to review the ACS traffic survey report before proceeding with our own survey.

Should ACS International have their planning application approved then any survey we would have done would need to be repeated/remodelled to take this change in traffic flow into account; in other words, our findings would be redundant.

If the ACS application is not approved then we should review their survey, examine the reasons given for refusal and build this into our own survey.

The CGB Committee have therefore recommended that the traffic survey planned to be undertaken at the end of April 2014 should be postponed until later this year.

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